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One of these servers is successfully downloading updates from our WSUS server and the other is not.Both servers are VMware ESXi VMs running Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard x64 SP1.Here I’ll go through some of the reasons and how you can troubleshoot the process.There are also some situations you may run into where some or all clients stop reporting to the server and these steps will also help for those scenarios as well.I have recently set up two new servers on our domain, labelled CADCS001 and CADCS001.These servers are intended to be almost identical aside from the hostname and have been set up to be as similar as possible.It can be a good idea to reset the Automatic Update client if you are experiencing difficulty with contacting the WSUS server with the wuauclt utility.

Here’s a cool tip and a cool tool that was sent to me by Joe Tindale, one of the top Support Escalation Engineers in our WSUS group.Further information about the issue can be found at FIX: IIS 6.0 may send an "HTTP 100 Continue" response in the middle of the response stream when you send a POST request ( Failure of clients to contact the server is not related to compression.Administrators should not disable IIS compression, because allowing noncompressed data can increase network traffic and server load, while reducing the number of clients that can be served effectively.The new server is a 64-bit 2008 R2 server and the old one was a 32-bit 2008 server, but the clients don't care about that, do they?The new clients that work correctly are all 64-bit, but some of the older clients that are not working are 64-bit and some are 32-bit.

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rules of 336 out of 433 deployed entities2009-03-11 :063 856 ec Agent *********2009-03-11 :063 856 ec Agent ** END ** Agent: Finding updates [Caller Id = Automatic Updates]2009-03-11 :063 856 ec Agent *************2009-03-11 :063 856 7d8 AU ## RESUMED ## AU: Search for updates [Call Id = ]2009-03-11 :063 856 7d8 AU # 54 updates detected2009-03-11 :078 856 7d8 AU #########2009-03-11 :078 856 7d8 AU ## END ## AU: Search for updates [Call Id = ]2009-03-11 :078 856 7d8 AU #############2009-03-11 :078 856 7d8 AU AU setting next detection timeout to 2009-03-12 2009-03-11 :078 856 7d8 AU Setting AU scheduled install time to 2009-03-12 2009-03-11 :094 856 ec Report REPORT EVENT: 2009-03-11 :047-0500 1 147 101 0 0 Automatic Updates Success Software Synchronization Windows Update Client successfully detected 54 updates.2009-03-11 :094 856 ec Report REPORT EVENT: 2009-03-11 :047-0500 1 156 101 0 0 Automatic Updates Success Pre-Deployment Check Reporting client status.

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