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After extraction you will find three files They are meant to be installed in the above order using the Extension Manager in the Joomla back-end.If there are installation problems, it is also valid to extract the packages into a folder on your computer and upload them using an FTP client.I can highly recommend this product to you as it is a time saver, the customer service from the developer is second to none, I had issues on my end and the developer was so helpful and professional in ensuring everything worked perfectly for me, very patient and helpful.The installers for Joomla are provided in a com_virtuemart.x.y.z_extract_In this case it is mandatory to use the "Discover" feature of Joomla and it is recommended to execute the "Install tables or if necessary update them" command accessible in the Virtue Mart tools section. It executes the install/update scripts of Virtue Mart manually.The Virtue Mart Aio menu item displays a list with all extensions for Virtue Mart and also has a button to update or install the tables of the plugins.

You can check the template compatibility on the template preview page in the technical details section (see the Screenshot is the word used to describe the action of capturing your computer desktop or anything shown on your computer screen to a static image file.ICEcat is an open catalog, that means that lots of the data are accessible to everyone.In its base there are thousands of brands and hundreds of thousands goods.Using this extension you can easily fetch data from this catalog and update your goods in a few clicks.It is compatible with both the free version of ICEcat, Open ICEcat and the paid-for version, Full ICEcat.

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