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It has pink ribbon spaghetti straps and Velcro™ tab closures at center back.The bust has constructed foam bra cups covered in pale pink polyester/acrylic faux fur. The gloves are elbow length poly interlock with a metallic pink polyurethane coating.But 4 price I should'nt had to use safety pins to keep "guns" from falling in downward position.We have partnered with Global Shopex, a trusted third-party to fulfill orders for our international customers. " -Fembots A Fembot (sometimes referred to as a Gynoid) is a name for an android depicted in two motion pictures, The Bionic Woman and the Austin Powers film series, which parodied the name.Fans of the Transformers toylines and related fiction sometimes use the term to refer to a Female Transformer, and it was used once in the Beast Wars cartoon series.Fembots tend to be rarer in fiction, simply because it's easier to design a robotic character that doesn't look distinctly feminine than one that does.

Differs from a Robot Girl in that a robot girl is basically a girl who happens to be a robot, while a Fembot is a robot who happens to be female.

But don't worry though, Aiko would slap any man who tries to touch her chest (even the creator? A very good one is the actroid, which can be hired as a receptionist, usually for commercial events.

You will always see her with big fake breasts and too shirt skirts.

As the humanoid robots are becoming more and more common, fembots are becoming the new trend in robotics.

It raises some questions: do robots need to have a human face? As some of these new robots are becoming pop-star or actress, some of them risk to fall into prostitution. As I said, fembots (or gynoids) become more and more popular these days, thanks to a lot of improvement in hardware in particular. The goal is to create the perfect home robot: always kind, do all the chores, and pretty by the way.

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The actuators (the robots' muscles) are becoming small enough that the engineers can start caring about the design and the look of their creatures. Of course, such projects don't come without their polemics.

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