Sex and the city rules for dating

In order to shake things up a bit, she takes a trip to Abu Dhabi with the girls and runs into Aidan, whom she ends up kissing.

The Diagnosis: "Carrie has unrealistic expectations about the way relationships progress over time," says Terri Orbuch, Ph D, marriage and relationship therapist and author of 5 Simple Steps to Take Your Marriage from Good to Great.

Thanking them for their time and wishing them luck is a painless way to get out of that situation and move on. They have done you a favor by thinking that you owe them anything just because you kissed two dates in a row (and even if you did a lot more than that).

Not too short, not too long, but plenty of chemistry that left you both wanting more. It sounds totally ridiculous when you actually read the words, right? But then, the other side of the coin is if your date doesn’t make the move to get you in bed, you begin thinking about what is wrong with them … There is this unspoken notion that having sex on the first or second date somehow isn’t acceptable and means you’re too easy.

The ladies of Sex and the City have had their fair share of relationship turmoil—some funny, some sad and some just plain ugly.

And while part of what made their stories so interesting was the way they triumphed over their troubles with men, sometimes they had no one to blame but themselves.

Stanford is professionally a success and greatly enjoys working with attractive young men, occasionally the same targets as the girls, but has a better instinct to tell which share his preference.

He is very social, and gets along well with the quartet, especially Carrie, even mutually sharing confidences and asking advice neither would be at ease with among their own genders, as he often understands women better than they can themselves.

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We spoke with relationship experts to uncover the reasons behind Carrie's, Charlotte's, Miranda's and Samantha's biggest mistakes.

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