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Joanna “Cocktail” Hernandez was the season one winner of For the Love of Ray J.

So why is VH1 now airing a second season of Brandy’s brother’s search for love?

Ray J's success has brought many perks, including many beautiful women, but it's exactly these type of women that has made him question his belief in love.

The simple fact is, the women in his circle - the social climbers, gold-diggers, and groupies - are with him for all the wrong reasons.

Determined to make a lasting impression on Chance, Judith decided to dry hump her way to the top.

Sexy stunner Cocktail tells In Touch what went wrong with her romance with Ray J — and what’s going right with her career. When did you first sense that things weren’t going to work out with Ray J? I tried to be his girlfriend, and then we went on tour and there were rumors that he was going to do season two.

When I asked him about it, he said "no," but then I found out the truth, among other things. I would do more reality TV for sure — but not about finding love!

So, who were these girls that vied for the attention of the brothers who loved to wear empty holsters?

Where are they now, and really, can you blame them for wanting to get some of this?

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