Rainie dating sunny dating over 50s co uk

, and it’s so much win I don’t even know where to start.

" Sunny replied teasingly, "Must those be counted childishly? " Love that she said this stuff, same that Nana basically ditto'd it several times since the show started.

Also very much think she was kidding with her comment, but was also making a point. people really got to stop pressuring idols to not make their dating relationship public.

Sadly now people are going to go nuts and take it as literal, slut shaming incoming... It can mean a booty call sure, but it can also mean dating a person without the intent of having a serious relationship. idols are also human beings who needs to fall in love and experience the dating world.

Apparently Joseph and Rainie looked quite close and appeared to be reluctant to part and call it a night.

Joseph revealed in an interview with last month that he’s single these days, so that confirms the rumors that his five-year relationship with his longtime girlfriend has ended.

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