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During this period he first tried his hand at songwriting.

If it is possible, I believe that this story is even worse than the last on we posted Tullian Tchividjian: Where Is the Shame That Needed Grace? In regards to his wonderful brother Boz Tchividjian, he allegedly expressed that he wished Boz would die.We both knew then that there was something between us.We continued to find ourselves at events with mutual friends & started officially dating in the spring of 2008.*Lisa* Tells Her Story to Nate Sparks and Lauren Larkin. Given Tullian's apparent ability to justify his increasingly worrisome behavior, I consider this alarming.If these allegations are true, it appears that Tullian has developed a serious psychological disorder that needs intensive intervention. Stacie, his twice divorced wife, apparently talked with Tullian's now ex-wife, Kim and described her sexual activity with Tullian during the time that Tullian was reportedly trying to reunite with Kim.

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