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Not only do they care about your wellbeing, you know they also care about the wellbeing of those around them – it’s a nice feeling.If anything were to go wrong, you know you’re in good hands.A tussle followed and the suspect assaulted hit the detective in the head with his own weapon.The detective issued a plea for all available help over the police radio at a.m. Tracking dogs were brought in to help search for a possible third suspect, but authorities later said they believed there was no remaining suspect. Roper had this to say about the incident Friday afternoon: "This incident underscores the danger that our officers and others experience every day.A Center Point man with a violent past is now charged with attempted murder in the pistol-whipping of a Birmingham police detective during a traffic stop Friday morning.Police today identified the suspect as 34-year-old Janard Shamar Cunningham, also known as Janaris Shavar Cunningham.Stereotypes and challenges abound in their quest for a significant other.

We're looking for people with the desire and commitment to help protect London's communities from crime and the causes of crime.

2) They might have different views on drugs and alcohol than you do.

It’s the police’s job to protect citizens from the dangers of drugs and alcohol.

If you check out the costume section of any adult novelty store it’s obvious that a lot of people fantasise about dating a law enforcement officer (or at the very least, getting naked with them!

) However, as much as dating a police officer may seem sexy, the reality is often more complicated than you might think.

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Authorities said Cunningham stole the detective's gun and then repeatedly hit him in the head until the detective stopped moving.

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