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The instances and the set-up decisions from their initial implementations were not well documented.Solution The company used eprentise Metadata Analysis to identify differences among the systems.The method consists of the specification of the module view and the mapping of implementation components onto the module view.An automatic analysis determines differences between the module view and its implementation.But the Saa S software market has become very crowded.Just take a look at some of the various landscapes published here and here and your head will start spinning.The customer wanted to standardize all products and consolidate the databases into a single data center.They determined that they would save maintenance costs and license fees by having a single global instance, resolve business process inconsistencies, and save operating expenses when all the data resided in a single data center.

Today, even the smallest companies have access to the same powerful tools that 10 years ago were only available to the largest of enterprises.There are numerous excellent venture-backed companies in every software category. The general consensus is that at some point the Saa S ecosystem will begin to consolidate.And yet, we have seen very little evidence that this is happening.Automate the process of moving your Oracle E-Business Suite data into the target instance in the right sequence while maintaining data integrity using eprentise software.All of the required code is generated for you by our Consolidation software, so even non-technical business users can make changes via our software’s drop-down lists, rule creation templates, and mapping tools.

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