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The 90 degree V twin will no doubt produce very colorful performance. My only concern, and my reason for not trading in my st1300 and buying one, is because the motor isn't of the tried and true ROTAX built motor, but rather an all new motor completely designed and manufactured by Aprilia.

This may be no reason for alarm at all, but I trusted the ROTAX airplane motor company to be extremely reliable, and this will no doubt be a bit of a gamble.

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The GSX-R 750 was always in a class of its own in my mind for this very reason and when I saw that Aprilia came out with this slim and trim middleweight, I was overjoyed.

Big comfy handlebars and a no-bull naked frame are what I look for in a small Sportbike. not bad considering is a rare, beautiful and practical example of Italian motorbike excellence.

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