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a.m.: Jordan Patch, Animal Adventure Park (AAP) owner, ended the AAP Facebook Live transmission, saying: "We're gonna let mom and baby do their thing for a little bit." He said that the birth went perfectly, and that the baby was already nibbling at April, looking to nurse.

"As soon as we know the gender, we'll let everybody know," Patch added. 11, a 15-year-old expectant mother began sharing the final stage of her pregnancy with the internet, via a live video feed streaming from her pen at the Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, New York.

the women, homosexuals, and Jewish students.” As Du Bois discovered her own sexuality, she took solace in writing poetry to express her true “nature,” as Oscar Wilde would put it, and gravitated toward anthropology’s more complex view of human culture and, especially, the role of outsiders, individuals, and outcasts.

Du Bois earned her doctorate in anthropology in 1932 at UC Berkeley under L. Lowie, and conducted field research with a colleague in Northern California, studying shamans and other unique members of the Wintu people, and, later, the Ghost Dance movement.

a.m.: The baby's head, neck and shoulders are visible.

Her name is April, and she is one of the park's two reticulated giraffes ().

Since the "Giraffe Cam" first hit You Tube, tens of thousands of viewers have flocked to see the heavily pregnant mom-to-be prepare to give birth.

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